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Coupon code AriannaKS20 you will have a 20% discount on all jewels at Kosiner.


Kosiner was founded by George Smith as response to the lack of transparency and irresponsible mining practices that confront the jewelry industry today.

Discount code AriannaKS20 you will have a 20% discount on all jewels at Kosiner.

George Smith, majored in jewelry design at university. In 2010, he joined a large traditional fashion jewelry company as a designer. However, he gradually discovered that the entire supply chain of materials from mine to market has been opaque to consumers,especially the retailers prices. He wanted more women to buy fashion jewelry that he designed suitable for daily wear at a fair price. And the traditional jewelry industry has serious environmental pollution. With the current state of the environment, he decided it was necessary to take further steps toward sustainability and start reducing our impact.

He founded Kosiner in 2014, named after his daughter. Our studio is based in Hong Kong. The brand advocates fair prices and sustainability. The brand serves women and girls. They have thei own factory in Myanmar, hand-made, which solves many employment problems for local women and poor people. The majority of all of their sterling silver used is made purely from recycled silver.

Kosiner advocates self-confidence, freedom, independence and sustainability.

Every piece in this website meets the European Union’s REACH (Restriction, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) regulation, which restricts hazardous substances in all parts of jewelry and ultimately reduces the amount of harmful chemicals in the environment.
Their products have a base metal of recycled silver collected from qualified jewelry manufacturing plants globally.
A precious metal that can be endlessly regenerated without loss of quality, is a true sustainable jewelry.

Coupon code AriannaKS20 you will have a 20% discount on all jewels at Kosiner.

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